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Sara Seye

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​My name is Sarah Seye and my friends call me Sassy. My brothers call me kitty. I am ten years old now and I have been cheering since I was five years old. I found out about All Star cheer when I was six and convinced my mom to let me join an All Star gym. I fell in love with it and told mom I was born to be a cheerleader. I started on a mini team and moved on to a youth team the next year. I am now on a youth team and a senior team which keeps me very busy! I go to the gym four days a week for cheer practice and gymnastics lessons to improve my tumbling skills. I learned everything from a back handspring to what I am working on now, a full twist, at Dynasty All Stars in Princeton, WV, which is where I live. I am lucky that an All Star gym is so close to my house. It only takes me five minutes to get to the gym! I also try to attend stunt clinics and tumbling clinics given at my gym and at other gyms in West Virginia and North Carolina. In 2012, I was named to the Junior All American team chosen by Nfinity Shoes and Inside Cheerleading Magazine. It was such an honor to be chosen for this and I will never forget the moment I found out I was chosen.

My best ever cheer experience was at US Finals last year. Our team gave it our all and hit every stunt; hit every tumbling pass, and I was so excited that by the time we got to our pyramid, I was waving my fist in the air. We didn't win first place, but I was so happy for our team of only eleven girls because that was the BEST performance we had all season and we couldn't have done any better. We left it all on that mat! When you do your best and hit everything the way your coach taught you, it doesn't matter if you win or not as long as you are happy with your performance. It is the BEST feeling! My scariest moments in cheerleading were performing my individual routine as a mini competitor and a youth competitor. I won a few times and I didn’t win a few times, but I tried my best each time. My worst moment in cheer was when I broke my arm and had to sit out the rest of the season. I was so worried I would not be able to tumble again, but my coach said I came back better than ever. My cheer goals are to be on a level five team and win the Cheerleading Worlds. I am on a level four team now so I am getting closer to my goals.

Cheer is not the only thing I do, though. I keep busy in school too. I am in the fifth grade and was voted by my classmates to be Student Council President. I am also in the school band playing the clarinet, and I sing in the school choir. I also will be in the school spelling bee for my second year in a row: it’s my favorite subject. Math is my least favorite subject! I also got to be in a program in school called Girls on the Run and we trained for a 5k race. I found out I love running and am planning on joining the track team when I get to middle school.

Another thing I was happy to do was help a program called Blessings in Backpack. This program helps pack foods and snacks for kids to take home with them on the weekends. Lots of kids can get free or reduced lunch at school, but on the weekends they can’t go to the school cafeteria and might not have enough food to eat at home. So these backpacks are real blessings to them. I hope I can participate in this program again. What I really want to do, though, is help homeless people. They have nothing and no one. I know that I am so lucky to have great parents, two big brothers (even if they are annoying), and a nice home to live in. Cheerleading is like the icing on my cake!


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